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Window of Hope

Small charities bring hope to thousands of people in our communities. People like Paula, Andy and Anisha who shared their stories of hope last year. We’re shining a light on their lives, one year on. There are people all over the UK facing difficult life challenges, but thankfully, small charities are there to give fresh hope and support.

Meet Paula

“My name is Paula. I live in London with my three children. Since my youngest child turned 3 years old in September, he has been able to attend full time nursery. This has really helped us as I've been able to go back to work as a chef at a primary school. I'm glad I can work the school hours, or I wouldn't have been able to work at all. Everything has improved a lot. Sufra has helped me with school uniforms, backpacks and even some furniture. However, the recent removal of the £20 Universal Credit uplift makes me worry. For many people £20 is nothing, but for me, in my situation, £20 is a lot. So even though I am now working, if one of us gets ill and I can’t work for a day, I still have to rely on Sufra's food bank to be able to feed my family.”

By donating to Global’s Make Some Noise, you can help more small charities like Sufra NW London provide food and support to families like Paula’s. Give today.

Meet Lauren

Sadly, Lauren's son Finley has been very poorly over the past year, due to his rare genetic condition. Lauren has been caring for Finley around the clock, with help from The Pepper Foundation who have been a lifeline in such a difficult time. The charity provides respite to Lauren, her husband David and Finley's older brother Danny, by sending a nurse out to their home to help with Finley's care once a fortnight. Lauren said: "They are always there, day or night, to give us advice or check on Finley when we need them”.

By donating to Global’s Make Some Noise, you can help more charities like The Pepper Foundation be there for families like Lauren's. Give today.

Meet Andy

“My name is Andy. SPEAR have really helped me turn my life around after being a survivor of domestic abuse. I wrote this poem to share my gratitude to the charity in the past year.

It’s been a year since I moved into my new abode.

Fantastic location and such a pleasant road

I walk the short path and lean on the garden gate,

take in the splendour of my new fate

No more heartache of the streets and all that I fear

how will I ever repay the team at SPEAR?

You brought me my life back, like a well organised symphony,

all done with passion, care and much empathy

Happy to report my life has changed for the better,

and happily goes on all because of the things you have all done

I wanted to share about this wonderful glory,

and tell the world you’re high on my list in my life story.”

By donating to Global’s Make Some Noise, you can support small charities like SPEAR to help people like Andy out of homelessness Give today.

Window of Hope

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Meet Anisha

“My name is Anisha. Both me and my son, Jervontaye, have disabilities. Jervontaye is deaf which makes his day to day life very challenging, but my children Kayezhontaye and Cavari take good care of us with help from Enfield Carers Centre. In the past year, Enfield Carers Centre have ensured Cavari's education is not affected by his role as a carer. He has now mastered his times tables, and it makes me so happy to see how confident this has made him. The charity has also helped my children's school teachers understand the challenges of caring responsibilities.”

By donating to Global’s Make Some Noise, you can help more charities like Enfield Carers Centre support young carers like Cavari. Give today.

Meet Tom

“My name is Tom and I have a visual impairment. A lot has changed for me in the last year, but Spadework has always been there for me. I returned to Spadework in July. My guide dog, Frankie, and I feel comfortable spending time here as we have been going for almost 14 years now. Besides learning important life skills such as cooking, it's nice to be with my friends at Spadework. It's the only public place I go to now.”

By donating to Global’s Make Some Noise, you can help more local charities like Spadework support people with learning difficulties and disabilities. Give today.

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About Global's Make Some Noise

Global’s Make Some Noise works with 100 small and local charities across the UK, funding crucial services including food banks, mental health and domestic violence helplines, carer support and employment programmes. We raise money for small charities like 2Wish in Cardiff, which provides immediate and ongoing support for those affected by the sudden death of a child or young person. The charity was set up by Rhian Mannings, after losing her 1-year-old son and husband 5 days apart.

‘You’re giving families hope, you’re allowing them to smile again’ said Rhian, who started 2Wish to give other families the support that her family didn’t receive.

Real people and real stories are at the heart of Window of Hope. We’re giving you a look into the lives of those we support through the small charities we fund.

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